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Explore the option of advanced technology premium IOLs with cataract surgery for vision near to far to everywhere in between usually without the need for glasses. While the standard monofocal IOL allows you to see clearly at only one distance, the AcySof ReStor IOL is a multifocal lens providing vision in a range of distances and the AcrySof Toric IOL provides quality distance vision for those with astigmatism.

If you are interested in decreasing your dependency from glasses after cataract surgery , these Premium IOLs may be of interest to you.

AcrySof Toric® IOL

Toric IOLThe AcrySof Toric IOL is a Premium IOL that Dr. Schneider can implant during cataract surgery to replace the cloudy lens in patients with astigmatism. If you have astigmatism and chose the standard monofocal IOL, you will need glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery to see clearly because the standard monofocal IOL does not correct corneal astigmatism. The unique design of the AcySof Toric IOL reduces or eliminates corneal astigmatism and significantly improves uncorrected distance vision.

The Toric IOL platform has been implanted in over 70 million eyes worldwide. The AcrySof Toric IOL offers freedom from glasses or contact lenses for distance, however, you will still require glasses for near vision activities.

Asymmetric steepening of the cornea or natural lens causes the light in the eye to become focused unevenly, which is the result of astigmatism. The Toric IOL will help to improve blurry or shadowy images also caused by astigmatism.

AcrySof® ReSTOR® IOL

ReSTOR IOLThe AcrySof Multifocal IOL is a Premium IOL that Dr. Schneider can implant during cataract surgery to provide a full range of clear vision with a decreased dependency on glasses. Your nearsightedness, farsightedness and need for reading glasses are all corrected with this IOL. If you have astigmatism as well this lOL is not appropriate for your eye.

Most AcrySof ReStor IOL patients find that they can read a book, work on the computer and drive a car day or night usually without the need for glasses. In fact, 78% of patients in a clinical study reported complete freedom from glasses. You may, however, experience some visual disturbances that are unique to this IOL.

Approximately, 25% of patients implanted with the AcrySof ReStor IOL experience mild to moderate halos around lights at night. This disturbance diminishes with time. Additionally, under low lighting conditions many will require additional light for near activities. Despite these visual disturbances patients with this IOL are so pleased with their vision that over 93% say they would have the AcrySof ReStor IOL implanted again.

With over 60 million AcrySof ReStor IOLs used to date, it has been shown to improve many aspects of patients’ lives after cataract surgery.