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Slidell LA 70458
4720 S.I-10 Service Road, Suite 410
Metairie, LA 70001


"WOW! I knew I had cataracts but it was not until after cataract surgery in my first eye that I realized how much I was not seeing. My initial reaction the day after surgery when I looked out the window was that colors were gorgeous. I have had surgery in both eyes now and I have 20/20 vision without glasses and I Love It! I am a fashion coordinator and colors are very important to me. Cataract surgery was such a positive experience. I loved all of the nurses and Dr. Schneider was great. But most importantly, I can see and the world is a beautiful place!"

Joann Chelchowski
Slidell, Louisiana

"If you are living with cataracts like I was, fear not! There is now a virtually painless procedure to remove them and Dr. Schneider has mastered it. I was living with cataracts in both eyes. My vision was blurry and colors were muted. I strained to read, to watch TV, and to see faces and detail at a distance. I saw Dr. Schneider on The Sunday Morning news discussing cataract surgery with one of her patients the famous musician, Ronnie Kole. I decided to have the surgery and the results blew me away! My phobia of needles, anxiety, and frequent coughing were addressed before surgery. Dr. Schneider, her staff and the nurses at the hospital catered to all of my needs, including emotional support. I felt pampered. Dr. Schneider was the captain of the ship, and I trusted her completely. I am ecstatic with the results! Colors are vivid, and my vision is so sharp. I can even see the pine needles on the trees. Regaining my eyesight has restored the way I see the world like I never imagined it could. I am telling everyone about Dr. Ellen Schneider, her expertise and her staff. God bless them all!"

Kathie Zeringue
Slidell, Louisiana

"We have been patients of Dr. Schneider for over 10 years. Dr. Schneider’s office locations are convenient and easy to get to whether we are in Slidell or Metairie. Her office has the latest equipment used in Ophthalmology and I know she will always correctly assess and provide the very best eye care. The office staff is very caring and professional; they treat every patient as if they are family and that your concerns are their concerns. We give Dr. Schneider and her staff a big thumbs up!"

The Boyer Family
Slidell, Louisiana

"Dr. Schneider is the best eye doctor I have ever had. I have known Dr. Schneider for many years and I know how good she is. I had my cataract surgery many years ago with Dr. Schneider. I had one eye corrected for close vision and the other eye corrected for distance vision and after many years I still do not wear any glasses. Dr. Schneider and her staff are so nice they make you feel comfortable and take the time to talk to you and explain everything. I have referred my husband and all of my friends to her."

Rita Chargois
Slidell, Louisiana